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About Beers.Bg

Thanks for visiting Beers.Bg.

We love life in Bulgaria, otherwise we wouldn't be here. It's friendly, the people are nice, the climate's agreeable and there's so much potential here. But there's one thing that we've been missing. A lot. Really. Great beer.

As in other countries in the region, there's not really a native beer culture here and consequently, the vast majority of what's available consists of the usual soulless, 'lager'-centred commercial fizz.


Most of the breweries in Bulgaria were originally founded by foreigners and these days the majority of these have been swallowed up by the big US and European multinationals - and you don't need us to tell you what that means. Sky-high advertising and marketing budgets combined with cheap ingredients and 'nickel and diming' production shortcuts leave little time, expense - or care - to focus on what really matters - the flavour and quality of the end product.

Bulgaria is no better and no worse than most other countries in this respect. But that said - it still doesn't have to be this way.

Un-managing expectations

Things are changing and rapidly. We are witnessing something of a consumer fightback. Through a combination of knowledgeable beer writers and bloggers, imaginative brewers, and adventurous, quality-conscious entrepreneurs; more and more people are discovering the delights of properly brewed beers and ales. In the US and Britain at the moment, there is nothing short of a revolution underway, with scores of new 'craft' and 'real ale' bars springing up; serving high quality beer combined with convivial surroundings and lovingly-prepared food.

We're sure that this revival in quality and taste over bean counting will eventually unfurl and reach us too - but we want to give things a little nudge in the meantime. That's why we created

What we hope to achieve

The idea is simple. We're here to fill the gap in quality craft beer availability in Bulgaria - and hopefully other places too if things go well - by bringing some of the best beers available right to your doorstep.

Initially this will mean beer from the UK, Belgium and Germany, but we'll also bring it in from other places too, eventually (there are some superb beers coming out of the US, Ireland, Italy (yes, Italy) and Scandinavia, for example.

And you can bet that if something emerges here in Bulgaria that meets our high standards - we'll be doing whatever it takes to bring that to our customers, too. So whatever your favourites - quality lagers, pale ales, strong beers, porters, stouts, wheat beers or bocks - Beers.Bg is going put the flavour back in your favourite tipple, by bringing you the best from the finest exponents of the art of brewing. So thanks for visiting us today - and don't forget to visit the gift beer shop on your way out ;)

Andy Sowray & Philip Walsh - Founders and Proprietors, Beers.Bg